Custom Logo – Smoothie Cup 500mm height colour LED


Custom design ( not for sale )

– we love to design and make custom designs

Please email jackie@greenstudioandco.com.au and we can make your logo come to light

LEDS can last for 30,000 – 50,000 hours. Which is approx a year. To get longevity please turn off your light. We recommend to not have it on longer than 5 hours at a time.


Love what we do but have questions?

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C1 Light Yellow, C2 Yellow, C3 Orange, C4 Red, C5 Sky Blue, C6 Dark Blue, C7 Ice Blue, C8 Green, C9 Pink, C11 Purple, C12 Super Cold White, C14 White, C15 Warm White, C16 Yellow – White Tube, C17 Red – White Tube, C18 Blue – White Tube, C19 Green – White Tube, C20 Pink – White Tube, C21 Rose Red – White Tube, C22 Purple – White Tube