Designer : Jackie Green

Sample size available 400 x 400mm
Choose your wall height

2400 mm h or 2700  mm h



Wallpaper will be titled into  600mm widths for easy application
Can be butt joined or 10mm overlap ( bleed )
Note colours can vary from photo image to screen  to print a sample is recommended
We can lighten or darken colours if required

If your wall is smaller or bigger please contact us and we will provide an obligation free quote.

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400mm (h) x 400mm (w), 2400mm (h) x 2000mm (w), 2400mm (h) x 3000mm (w), 2400mm (h) x 4000mm (w), 2400mm (h) x 5000mm (w), 2400mm (h) x 6000mm (w), 2700mm (h) x 2000mm (w), 2700mm (h) x 3000mm (w), 2700mm (h) x 4000mm (w), 2700mm (h) x 5000mm (w), 2700mm (h) x 6000mm (w)